Looking For Advice On Fat Loss?

19 Aug 2020

Looking For Advice On Fat Loss?

Nutrition is one of the most talked about topics within the health and fitness industry. There is an abundance of diets, detox teas and slimming shakes that feed on our consumer nature. Yet these companies provoking your desire to get lean neglect to tell you the truth about sustainable weight loss.

What you need to address first is whether you want to lose weight or reduce body fat percentage. Weight loss is simply a loss of overall body weight which can include, muscle, fat, and water from the body. Fat loss is more specific as you are only losing one component while maintaining and preserving muscle mass with a structured resistance plan.

Comparing the amount of food you are consuming to the number of calories you are using will be the key to reducing body fat overall.

Calories in vs calories out

More often than not, people get caught up in fad diets that restrict their calorie intake, but close to the point of starvation. Although this may work for some short-term, it will be unsustainable for your body to operate efficiently at such a reduced calorie capacity for an extended period of time.

Take the average male whose basal metabolic rate (BMR) is 2500 calories. This is the required calorie amount that is needed to sustain ones self day-to-day. If he was to start a diet of 1200 calories, his body will use that 1200 calories. However, his body needs to find another 1300 calories from somewhere else to maintain energy levels to get him through the day.

This is a massive task for the body to find the extra calories as it relies on other fuel sources to provide the energy for sustainability. As a result your body will start to breakdown protein in the form of muscle as opposed to fat, entering survival mode due to the poor hormonal response from the drastic reduction in calories. Yes, weight will fall off the scales, but more muscle will be broken down as the readily available fuel source. This will reduce your ability to burn fat as a fuel.

In short, if you drastically reduce your calories, you will lose body weight. If you make it sustainable and only restrict your calorie intake by 200-300 calories you will reduce body fat.

The best diet is one you do not know that you’re on”

Below is a short video from Phil Learney explaining the key to successful fat loss and how to achieve your fitness/fat loss goals without diet taking over your life halting your progress.