Performance Training to Elevate Surf Fitness

Customised coaching to help you achieve your sports and fitness goals.

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Personalised training to reach your goals

My mission is to make my job obsolete! With my guidance and structured training regime I will give you the tools to become your own personal trainer!

I offer multiple services including:

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Personal training
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Online coaching
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Complete surf fitness
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Achieve your goals in 4 steps


Book a free consultation

Book yourself in for a free movement consultation and injury evaluation, to see where you’re at.

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Define your rehabilitation goals

We will define bio-mechanical deficiencies and target your rehabilitation goals.


Design your bespoke training program

I will design a bespoke strength and conditioning program individualised for you.

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Work together to build you up

We will work together to build a stronger more resilient athlete for sports performance!

Ready to get started?

Book a free consultation
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What you can achieve

You can take your game to the next level. With a little hard work and consistency, you can hit your goals and be a stronger sports athlete.

You can gain:

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Increased movement capabilities
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Elevated sports performance
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Strength and power development
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Functional conditioning
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Let's chat

If you’re curious to hear about how we can work together on your sports and fitness goals, get in touch.

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